Oasis of Hope Hospital serves as a leader in alternative cancer treatment research and development. A respected institution, Oasis of Hope Hospital provides treatment for all forms of cancer. Oasis of Hope Hospital uses immunotherapy, which manipulates the immune system to produce a certain response, and insulin potentiated therapy, which combines insulin with chemotherapy. Additionally, Oasis of Hope Hospital recognizes the value of Vitamin B17, also known as Leatrile, in treating cancer. The vitamin breaks down and releases cyanide, which can affect the growth of cancer. Patients can also elect to receive Oasis of Hope Hospital’s Integrative Regulatory Therapy that can shrink primary tumors, slow tumor growth, and eliminate metastasized cancer cells.

In 1963, Dr. Ernesto Contreras opened the Oasis of Hope Hospital, introducing the Total Cancer Treatment Care Approach. The program incorporates spiritual support, oxidative preconditioning, cytotoxic therapy, redox regulatory therapy, diet and exercise, and more. Dr. Contreras maintained the highest standards of quality treatment, instructing his staff never to apply a treatment that would ruin the patient’s quality of life. Since establishing Oasis of Hope Hospital, the clinic has treated more than 100,000 patients from 55 nations. Though Dr. Contreras has since passed away, Oasis of Hope Hospital continues to uphold its mission of ensuring respect and dignity for all patients. The staff at Oasis of Hope Hospital provides patient care management, support groups, social services, and educational programs.

With two locations, one each in California and Mexico, Oasis of Hope Hospital offers individualized care and a team of highly trained cancer experts. In order to explore the possibility of becoming a patient at Oasis of Hope Hospital, call (888) 500-HOPE to speak to the admissions department, a team of health advisors, and physicians. Patients can also receive free consultations from Oasis of Hope Hospital. The clinic recognizes that cancer treatment can prove a costly endeavor and strives to make the process easier to endure through partnerships with MedChoice Financial and Med Loan Finance.